Frank Carino, Sr.


9:15 am
Saturday, January 15, 2022
St. Patricks Church
400 Main St.
Huntington, New York, United States

Obituary of Frank Anthony Carino, Sr.

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On December 25th, 2021 the Carino family lost their patriarch, Frank A. Carino Sr. Frank, we know, departed this world in the embrace of his father, who we lost in 1996 at the same time on Christmas morning. Frank was a husband, married to his wife Giuditta for 59 years. He was a father, “Poppi”, to his children, “Pa” to his daughter and son in law. He was a grandfather, “Nonno”, to his grandchildren. He was a friend, known to all as “Ciccio” to countless people over his almost 83 years. And Frank was a leader and protector, having left his home country at the age of 18 to search for a better life for him and his future family and opening the doors for others who migrated to the United States. In 1957 Frank had courage, leaving his mother and father, their only child, to take a sea voyage to America in search of a more rewarding life. He arrived a young teenager on the shores of America never before having travelled outside of his hometown. Adding to his adventure, he travelled across the United States by train to the mountains of Idaho where he had a job waiting for him with a distant uncle. There Frank worked hard while he learned English and the American way of life. Already a U.S. citizen his mother was born in the United States, he never let go of his Italian traditions and beliefs. Frank experienced everything life had to offer in the tiny town of Kellogg with his new found friends, while planning for his future. Frank returned to Italy at the bequest of his parents to marry his beloved wife, literally the girl next door, known to her father as the boy who used to take fruit from his fruit trees. They were married and immediately boarded a ship back to the United States. Eventually settling for a much bigger life in New York, they moved to Huntington, Long Island, a town where other families and friends from Italy were also settling. Frank continued to work hard as a cabinet maker and later a stair builder as his family grew. It is remembered how Frank always smelled of saw dust and he would bring home little pieces of wood for his kids to use for crafts. To his family there was nothing that Frank couldn’t do, he worked many odd jobs, sometimes three at a time, to support his family and to help build the family home in 1977. Frank had a love of Italian sports. He was a passionate fan of the Italian national soccer team. Frank never missed any games, they were constantly playing on his tv at home. Frank also had a strong love for the old world game of Bocce, so much so that he built his own court in the backyard of his home. Frank regaled in his stories about the old American cars he drove, some of which he had to push down hill to get started. His love of the old cars is evident today by the collection of models he left behind in a large handmade display case in his garage at home. Frank had an infectious laugh, he laughed so hard that he would start to cry, he would pull out the handkerchief he always kept in his pocket to wipe away his tears. Frank had a unique whistle that he used to call his children to dinner. And he had a stubbornness, knowing his way was always right and we were (not all the time) wrong and his want of spaghetti over anything else. Frank is survived by his wife, all his children and his grandchildren. A church service will be held Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 9:15 AM at St. Patrick's Church in Huntington.Frank will be brought to his hometown Amantea, Italy where he will rest next to his mother and father, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a place he wished to return to. Frank was a member of The American Bocce Ball Club, who fondly remembered him in the following letter to its members: Hello my bocce brothers and sisters, It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of our ABC brother Frank Carino Sr. I was notified by his son, ABC brother Frank Jr. that his dad passed 4:00am Christmas morning. Frank Sr. was an instrumental part in the development of the American Bocce Club. He and I go back to the very first days of my playing bocce in Huntington. You see, before ABC, there was a group of guys who would meet at the old Mill Dam Park bocce courts. One night while I was there, Frank Sr. walked up and started talking with me. We expressed our shared love for the sport and soon enough he was on the court with us. What impressed me most about Frank Sr. during my early days was not just his friendly demeanor, but also his skill level! He was probably one of the first really, really good players I encountered. Not only a master at pointing, he was one of the first players I ever saw "shooting" his opponents point ball. In addition to all that, he was a great tactician and I learned much from him. When I started ABC in 2005, I can honestly say Frank Sr. was so very excited! He thrived on not just the competition - but on the camaraderie we were all sharing. His leadership and gentle personality was perfect for our club. His presence at the courts was almost fatherly as he was (and still is) respected and loved by everyone. On the courts and off - Frank Sr. was a true gentleman. His experience and soft spoken voice would guide his team and club members alike. On league nights after we were finished, I would observe him still hanging around, occasionally sharing a beer or wine with a content smile on his face. While part of it may have been Frank Sr. enjoying the club atmosphere, I believe it was more than that - it was sharing his love of bocce with his son - something I know Frank Jr will always cherish... There are no plans for services at this time as the family deals with their loss. Please keep Frank Sr. and the entire Carino family in your thoughts and prayers... Regards, Pete
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