Family and friends getting together to honor a loved one’s life is one of the most important steps in the grieving and healing process.  You may opt to have a traditional religious or military service, or as more and more people are doing, you can choose to have a non-traditional ‘life celebration’.   

Decisions need to be made about the location of the funeral, the choice of casket or urn and who the pallbearers should be.  Another decision to make is who will be officiating the service.  You can choose to have a minister (or other religious leader) or a celebrant officiate the service.  The difference between a minister and a celebrant is a celebrant is non-denominational. 

Whatever you choose, some sort of service is expected from family and friends of the deceased.  We are here to help create a unique and memorable service that people will remember fondly for years to come. Please contact us to learn more about the funeral service options available in Cold Spring Harbor, NY and beyond.

Benefits of Choosing Your Local Funeral Home for Funeral Pre-Planning Services

  • Reduce Stress For Family: Grieving a loved one can make anything and everything stressful. The simplest tasks can be difficult. Funerals tend to be planned immediately following a death, this often means that family members must dive immediately into planning a large event and making significant financial decisions while dealing with enormous grief. Your local funeral home has funeral pre-planning services to take away the stress of planning the funeral. 
  • Wishes Are Met: Whether you feel that a burial is important for religious reasons or you’d prefer a lively celebration of your life over a somber affair, planning your funeral in advance will help ensure that the things you find most important will happen. Your local funeral home will plan this with you and ensure your wishes are met. 
  • Save Money: Funerals are a costly event. Caskets, headstones, and funeral service fees can add up if you don't plan accordingly. Choosing the right local funeral home to start pre-planning your funeral will save your family money down the line.